Epiclin Cleansing Lotion

Epiclin Cleansing Lotion

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  • Features & Advantages:

    • Non Foamy, Soap Free, Color Free Gentle Cleanser For Dry, Sensitive Skin

    • Neutral pH (pH Balanced) Skin Cleanser

    • Offers Additional Moisturizing Action

    • Ideal For Baby's Skin Too

    • The Formula Is Being Prescribed By The Dermatologists In India

  • Key Ingredients: Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol in pH balanced surfactant base.

  • Brand Name: Epiclin

  • Common Name(s): pH Balanced Cleansing Lotion, Mild Face & Body Cleanser, Cleanser For Dry & Sensitive Skin, Epidermis Cleanser

  • Form: Cleansing Lotion

  • Available Sizes: 125 ml

  • Certifications: FDA (Gujarat, India) Approved

  • Market Presence: Indian Prescription Based Derma Market

  • Manufactured For: Ethinext Pharma, India under private label manufacturing basis