Hair Cream With Tea Tree Oil

Hair Cream With Tea Tree Oil

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  • Features & Advantages:

    • Non Oily, Non Sticky Hair Cream with Enriched with Tea Tree Oil

    • The Tea Tree Oil helps in controlling dandruff forming on your scalp

    • The hair cream nurtures your hair from root to tip resulting in dandruff free scalp and healthy hair

    • Daily use of hair cream promotes good health of your hair and scalp

    • With pleasant perfume

  • Key Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Mineral Oil, Silicon Oil

  • Brand Name: Nitro

  • Common Name(s): Hair Cream, Tea Tree Oil Hair Cream, Anti Dandruff Hair Cream, Hair Cream for Dandruff Control

  • Form: Hair Cream

  • Available Sizes: 250 ml, 400 ml

  • Certifications: FDA (Gujarat, India) Approved

  • Market Presence: Overseas Over The Counter Market

  • Manufactured For: Overseas Buyer. Export Under Private Label Manufacturing Bases.