Zymo Lemon & Honey Face Wash

Zymo Lemon & Honey Face Wash

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 Features & Advantages:
  • 100% soap free Daily Cleanser With Aloe Vera, Lemon & Honey
  • Effectively eliminates dirt, impurities, oil and bacteria without over drying your skin.
  • Gentle Cleanser for Smooth, Pure, Sparkling and Visibly Clear Skin.
  • Have a Feel of Refresh with Lemon Fragrance
  Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Lemon Extract, Honey, Glycerin

  Brand Name: Zymo

  Common Name(s): Fruit Face Wash, Lemon Face Wash, Aloe Vera Face Wash, Honey Face Wash, Daily Cleansing Face Wash, Skin Cleanser, Face Wash For All Skin Types

  Form: Face Wash Gel

  Available Sizes: 120 ml

  Certifications: FDA (Gujarat, India) Approved

  Market Presence: Be The First. Also Available Under Your Own Brand or Private Label Mfg.

  Manufactured For: Zymo Cosmetics, India